image TIM RAND,
USA National Coach, American Twisters

Instructor turnover at the recreational level of gymnastics has been an ongoing problem for most gymnastics school programs and hard to deal with, especially the training of our new recruits. The GYMCERT manuals and web based training program will save me a lot of time in presenting the basics of this sport. Certification of my instructors is also a great marketing tool for my program.


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Name City Gym Affiliate Action
Adriel Loschak Miami dade
Adrienne Putrow Altamonte Springs
Aimee Maxwell Longwood
Alanna Colon Sanford
Albalia Perez Sunrise
Alexandre Tkatchev Sanford
Alexis Fox Altamomte springs
Alison Rubano Jensen Beach
amanda alvarez altamonte
Amanda Daleo Sanford
Amy Pigozzi Altamonte Springs
Amy Pallotta Altamonte Springs
Anays Dimmick Sanford
Angela Delvillar Altamonte Springs
Anita Bonnelle McCoy Altamonte Springs
April Hallett Altamonte
Barbara Butler Fort Lauderdale
Ben Corradetti Sanford
bonnie weaver fort lauderdale
Brad Golden Altamonte Springs
Brea Reger Altamonte Springs
Brenna Dolson Altamonte Springs
Buffy Purdom Altamonte Springs
Cari Maddamma Deltona
Carol Holden Sanford
Carrie Kirkland Altamonte Springs
Casey Martin Altamonte Springs
Catherine Johnston Altamonte
Cathryn Kavanaugh Altamonte Springs
Chelsie leblanc longwood
Christina Patton DeLand
Claudia Ferrer St. Augustine
courtney barlow Altamonte Springs
Crystal Lovenbury Lake Helen
daniel porter sanford
Danielle Holt Pembroke Pines
Danielle Rankin Altamonte Springs
David C. Ruiz Altamonte Springs
Dragana Dosen Altamonte Springs
Elizabeth Tatara St. Augustine
Elizabeth Berndt Sanford
Emily Carnevale Altamonte
Emma Belford Sanford
Erika Doss 32712
Erin Robles Orlando
Gabrielle Nagengast Longwood
Gino Perrotte Altamonte Springs
Hayley McKown Altamonte Springs
Heather Johnson Altamonte Springs
Helen Freiermuth tampa
Isis Velazquez Altamonte Springs
J Harris Altamonte Springs
Jacqueline Citraro Miami
Jade Harrison Altamonte Springs
jake nielsen Altamonte Springs
Jamie Karbett Altamonte Springs
Janet Wandell Orlando
Jeff Pilcher Saint Augustine
Jenna Beasley Orlando
Jennifer Clark Altamonte Springs
Jennifer Machita Altamonte Springs
Jennifer Frauhm sanford
Jerrica Klein Altamonte
Jesse Nielsen Apopka
Jill Urban Altamonte Springs
joan lopez barnes melbourne
Joel Salva Sanford
John Rojas Altamonte Springs
Joy Buendia Altamonte
Kaitlin Koppenhoefer Altamonte Springs
Kaitlyn Steininger Altamonte Springs
Kali Todd Altamonte Springs
Kameelah Belgrave Altamonte Springs
Karly Jackson Altamonte Springs
Katherine Hale Sanford
Kathern Yarborough Altamonte Springs
Katie Stocz Altamonte Springs
Kayla Griffith Altamonte Springs
Kayla Brunkow Altamonte Springs
Kelly McClelland Altamonte Springs
Keri Sorenson Sanford
Kerri-Ann Croftchik Altamonte Springs
Kimberly Carter St. Augustine
Kimberly Thornton Altamonte Springs
Konnie kochanowicz sanford
Kristie Obert Fort Walton Beach
Laura Leal Sanford
Lauren Gurske Altamonte Springs
Lidia Tkatcheva Sanford
Lindsey Mains Sanford
lindsey garrett longwood
Liz Gephart Sanford
Loretta Degnan St Augustine
Lorri Anne Gibbs Sebring
Lynette Clews Altamonte Springs
Mackenzie Kenton St.augustine
mandi mizell Sanford
Maria Aoun Coral Gables
Maria Diaz Orlando
Maria Yin Union City
Mariah Warren Sanford
Mark Wayne Adams Altamonte Springs
Mary LeBlanc Altamonte
Mathew Novaes Altamonte Springs
Megan St. Germain St. Augustine
Melissa Kochanowicz sanford
Melissa Wasserman sanford
Micki Spannagel Clearwater
Milva Ballester Longwood
Na'Chelle Ferkovich Altamonte Springs
Nadja Vragovic Altamonte Springs
Naivasha Bazelais Altamonte Springs
nathan powell St. Augustine
Nina Vragovic Altamonte Springs
Pam Gray Sanford
Patrick Wright Jacksonville
Planet Digital Orlando
Rachael Brock St. Augustine
Robert LeGault Altamonte Springs
Robert Ward Altamonte Springs
Sally Miller Altamonte Springs
Sam Paschal Apopka
Samantha Salinas Sanford
Savannah McElroy St. Augustine
Shannon Myers St. Augustine
Shawndel Kaiser Trinity
Shevah Vahdatpour Sanford
Shyer Spence Altamonte Springs
Stephanie clark Altamonte Springs
Suzanne Wilbarger
Sydney D Lake Mary/Sanford
Tanaya Williams Gainesville
Teri Stratton Altamonte Springs
Timothy Lamb Lantana
Tracy Locke St. Augustine
vickie cravey Altamonte Springs
Victoria Baxter Orlando
Victoria Csizmadia Altamonte Springs
Vincent Giaimo Altamonte Springs
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Zoe Plappert Saint Augustine
Zsuzsanna Kerpan Boca Raton

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