Success starts with planning and the GYMCERT Coaches Certification program provides you with online video streams of basic gymnastics skills beginning at Level 1 skills, online manuals for easy reference, and practice exams that allow you to sample the testing format before taking your final exam.

GYMCERT provides web-based training courses for the greater Gymnastics sporting community at the beginning levels. At this time our courses include Women's recreational Levels 1 through 5, Boy's recreational Level 1, Safety Basics for Gymnastics and Safety Basics for Cheerleading. GymCert does not offer optional level training. While the techniques presented may work adequately for a fictitious gymnast, the may not work as well for the slightly overweight and less physically fit person. You, as the instructor, will have to adapt the technique to fit each gymnast. It is strongly suggested that you seek advanced gymnastics training from an experienced coach or mentor who can mentor and guide you in developing gymnastics technique, spotting skills, and training methods in a Safe Manner!

GYMCERT offers discounts for USA Gymnastic Member Clubs in good standing and is recognized as an authorized education provider for USA Gymnastics University.

The certification of gymnastics coaches will produce the following favorable outcomes:

  • Provide a better and safer environment for learning basic gymnastics.
  • Help to raise the standard of gymnastics coaches.
  • Provide some additional accountability of gymnastic coaches and gyms.
  • Help to lower the risk for insurance companies and thus lowering the liability insurance rates for gym owners.
  • Cost savings for the coaches and gym club owners.

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GymCert is proud to partner with USA Gymnastics!

You can now receive University credit for taking:

  • R104: GymCert Level 1
  • R105: GymCert BOY'S Level 1
  • R204: GymCert Level 2
  • R205: GymCert Level 3

You must register at USA Gymnastics University in order to receive certification from USA Gymnastics University.

GymCert is an Authorized Education Provider for USA Gymnastics University

Patti Komara

Patti Komara's Tumblebear Gym Program

"The GymCert 'Safety Basics' is a must-have in every gym school's library. Educating your staff and guaranteeing your gymnasts' parents the safest program possible is a key to your continued success in this business."