How to Register for Online GymCert Course(s)

  1. Go to GymCert "STORE"
  2. Select "ONLINE" Courses
  3. Review Discounted "Bundled Specials" or "Online" Courses
  4. Choose your GymCert Course(s)
  5. Add to your "Shopping" Cart
  6. Continue shopping or Check Out (if you have trouble checking out use a VISA credit card)
  7. You will be prompted to create your login info at checkout.
  8. It is recommended that you purchase a hard copy of the corresponding course manual as the online version will no longer be accessible after you finish the course and pass the final test.
  9. All GymCert courses will need to be completed on a computer as it will not run properly on a mobile device.

Course(s) Layout

  1. Log on using a Computer (PC) or MAC only at with your GymCert username (email) and password. DO NOT use a cell phone or tablet. (right upper corner of the GymCert Home Page)
  2. Find the course listed in the center of the page and the Start Course button.
  3. Each online course is broken down into several chapters.
  4. All chapters are listed on the right side of the page. Click on the 1st chapter and proceed to read the chapter until the end and take the practice test. Result of the practice test is immediate.
  5. At the end of each chapter is a practice test.
  6. Once you've completed all the chapters and practice tests you are ready for your Final Exam. Final exam must be completed at one sitting and will time out if left unattended and you will have to start over.
  7. Each course has a manual approximately 125 to 135 pages long. You can read the manual online while taking the course or order a manual in the GymCert Store,, or any book store.
  8. You have 5 chances to pass your final exam and your results are available immediately.
  9. Once you have passed the final exam, you can print your GymCert Certificate. The certificate will accessible at any time after completion in your GymCert online account.

**You will NOT be able to access the GymCert Course info once you completed the final exam. If you'd like to review the content or have a hard copy for lesson planning, GymCert books can be purchased in the GymCert store.

Why GymCert?

  • GymCert provides automated certification courses via web-based training. Coaches can view course materials, instruction, and exams at their convenience and at their own pace. This saves everyone time and money from having to travel to onsite locations for certification.
  • Each course is presented in multiple formats suited to each individual's style of learning. They include valuable learning material from the very best coaches and instructors in the world in the form of text, images, audio, and video.
  • Upon completion of the course you can take an exam on-line and receive your certificate of completion immediately. If you fail the exam, you may return to the course at your convenience and retake the exam when you feel you are ready.

Mike Jacki

USAIGC President, Former USA Gymnastics President

"It's about time there is a sound Educational Training Program available for the grass roots of Cheerleading. CHEERCERT is the answer and a big 10.00! I look forward to getting the USAIGC working with the Gymcert & Cheercert Programs and the coaching manuals available for our club members..."


GymCert courses were written and intended to be used as a guide only. The publisher and authors are not engaged in the profession of rendering any form of legal, technical, or medical advice. If for any reason legal, technical or medical advice is necessary, you should seek out qualified professionals. When in question always seek out the advice of your gymnastics mentor(s).

The purpose of GymCert is to help educate and acquaint individuals with basic gymnastics technique, including conditioning, to obtain the basic gymnastics skills. GymCert does not cover the transitions between skills and other routine elements. Specific changes may be made to the USA Gymnastics compulsory elements from time to time and the reader is advised to confirm the specific skills with a qualified gymnastics coach. Every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information on this subject. Readers of GymCert manuals and courses are strongly advised to obtain complete compulsory routine information for the level specified through USAG (USA Gymnastics) as we offer drills and skills only to help in the process of learning the skills.

The authors, USACC, and GYMCERT shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in GymCert courses or manuals. Reading a book does not qualify you to be a qualified gymnastics instructor. It takes much more than reading to become proficient and knowledgeable. Practice, Time and Experience is important and one should partake in a type of Apprenticeship Program to gain needed experience in the gymnastics work place and to practice your spotting skills and techniques. There are many local, state and regional USA Gymnastics Congresses available and GymCert strongly recommends beginner as well as experienced coaches to continue to better their knowledge base by attending as many as possible.

Special Notice

Any activity in life from taking a bath, to playing baseball, even to having fun on the playground all carry varying degrees of risk for potential injury. A fall from the Jungle Gym, being hit with a bat or ball, or a slip and fall getting out of the bathtub may cause serious injury. In gymnastics, there is also the potential for significant injury, especially so when an instructor is not qualified through lack of knowledge or experience.

The instructor must have the ability to:

  • adapt gymnastics technique to the size, weight, and fitness level of each gymnast;
  • provide adequate supervision for the activity;
  • be capable of spotting the skill;
  • supply appropriate lesson plans using effective skill progressions;
  • keep adequate records; and,
  • be able to adequately warn each gymnast of the dangers inherent in each of the skills she attempts,
  • while developing in the gymnast a motivated, positive outlook on skill acquisition.

The key to success for the gymnastics instructor is patience, a desire to learn, and mentoring from another more accomplished coach, which can happen in your gym or at seminars and clinics.

The techniques presented in GymCert courses or manuals are based on one "average" (in size, shape, and fitness level) gymnast. While the techniques presented may work adequately for this fictitious gymnast, they may not work as well for the slightly overweight and less physically fit gymnast. You, the instructor, will have to adapt the technique to safely fit the gymnast.

That being the case, the author and publisher of this book must warn you that responsibility for the use and/or adaptation of these ideas, guidelines, and techniques are the sole responsibility of the instructor employing them to teach a skill.

The materials contained in this reference are to be used to provide a base level of knowledge about gymnastics skills, equipment, and safety training. It is strongly advised that you seek advanced / qualified coaches within your program to mentor you and guide you in developing gymnastics technique, spotting skills, and training methods. When in doubt, always check it out with your mentor first.

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